Weight Loss

5 Ways Protein Powders
help you lose weight.

Whey protein can stop you feeling hungry.
Protein powder shakes help you stick to your diet.
Protein requires more energy to digest.
High quality protein helps preserve lean muscle.
Whey protein offers immune support during diet and exercise.

MyoPure recommends trying a combination of whey protein isolate and calcium caseinate as the base for your weight loss shakes.

Using a protein shake to replace the protein and carbohydrate components of an otherwise high energy meal like lunch or dinner can be a very effective way to kick start your weight loss program. We recommend you keep up your intake of fruit and veggies which help supply the important vitamins and minerals your body needs.

A simple shake recipe is:

1 scoop of protein powder
1 cup of skim milk or water.
Splenda or similar to taste.
Low-carb aeroplane jelly or low-carb Cottee’s toppings as flavor to taste.

Add liquid to blender first, then protein powder and flavors or sweeteners.

Weight Loss Tools
Make sure you’re losing fat and not muscle because it’s the muscle that burns of the fat.
Accumeasure 3000 Manual Fat Calipers

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Fattrack Gold Digital Calipers + Tape!

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And for Weight Loss Professionals

Fattrack Pro with weight loss tracking software.

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Weight Loss Diet
We recommend you use Dr John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition System to set up your personally tailored diet plan

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For a total Weight Loss Program we also recommend Tom Venuto’s ebook Burn the Fat, Build the Muscle.

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