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Training Gear

Training gear that will enhance your workout

There are a few different pieces of training gear that many bodybuilders and those who lift weights regularly utilise to improve and enhance their workout. Gloves are one; they help you grip better and reduce the pain in your hands when using certain weights like barbells, which have small grips. Gloves protect your hands and protect them from that stinging sensation. With a better grip and less pain, you are able to concentrate better on lifting.

Lifting belts are another training tool which help support your lower back, keeping it steady and preventing injury, which is often caused by sudden, jerky movements while lifting. They can be used for every exercise, although most lifters use them mainly for squatting.

If you are finding that your grip is holding back your performance when lifting, lifting straps are the ideal solution. They work by being tied to your wrists and then to the bar, which means the pressure is taken off your hands and put on your wrists.

The HEAVY GRIP and GRIPMASTER grippers we carry also conditions the hand, fingers, forearm and wrist and is used by athletes, weight lifters, climbers and a range of different sportspeople in order to help build and maintain strength and control, ultimately providing a competitive edge.

While being dedicated to your fitness goals will ultimately allow you to achieve the results you want, having the right training gear to help you train more effectively is vital.

Myopure carry training gear used by the professionals

There are so many different variations of lifting belts, gloves, lifting straps and other training gear on the market. At Myopure we make it easy for you by doing the research, and only sourcing the training gear the professionals prefer. So when you purchase your training gear from Myopure, you know you are buying premium training gear that you’ll be able to use for many years to come.

As Australia’s number one online source of pure protein powder and amino acids since 2001, we pride ourselves on carrying everything you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

So whether you’re a bodybuilder, a sportsperson, or trying to improve your body composition, Myopure has a protein powder solution that can help you enhance your performance and reach your goals sooner.

An enjoyable online shopping experience

At Myopure, we make it easy for you to browse our website and find what you’re looking for, fast. Order now from Myopure and enjoy free delivery Australia-wide for orders over $100.

If you’d like to know more about any of our products, just call us on 1300 MYOPURE (1300 696 787) or fill out the online query form and we’ll get back to you asap with an answer to your question. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service both online and over the phone. And if there is something that we don’t have that you’re looking for, we are always open to hearing suggestions from our valued clients about products that enhance health and wellbeing.

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