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Biotest products

Why use Biotest products?

Biotest is one of the world’s leading suppliers of quality bodybuilding and training supplements and Myopure stocks a big range of Biotest products. We carry everything from power boosters to herbal extracts; all of which are designed to maximise muscle growth and strength and prolong your workout performance.

Take Biotest’s Alpha GPC for example. It helps to build muscle and strength faster by adding a key component to weight training success — explosive force! Alpha GPC stimulates the muscle’s fast-twitch fibres, to dramatically increase peak force during training.

Or Biotest Curcumin, a powerful curcumin formulation that increases the bioavailability of curcumin by up to 2,000%. Studies have shown that curcumin helps to enhance cardiovascular health, supports healthy cholesterol levels, is a powerful antioxidant and may help to reduce body fat as well.

Try Biotest’s Rhodiola Rosea Extract, a herbal formulation that studies have shown helps users to train longer and at higher levels, without overtraining. And unlike other Rhodiola extracts, Rhodiola Rosea Extract contains an average of 16% total rosavins, making it the most potent and pure extract on the market.

Why buy Biotest products from Myopure?

Myopure has been supplying those interested in body composition and weight loss with protein powders and supplements since the turn of the century. And our success is partly due to our reliance on quality suppliers. We source our products only from the most trusted manufacturers in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, and the US, so we always know they are 100% pure.

We repackage them in a HACCP and Dairy Safe certified facility, specialising in packaging dairy products for local use and they come in resealable poly-laminate pouches for maximum convenience. Whatever your body composition goals are, we have a product that can get you where you want to be faster at Myopure, trusted by Australians since 2001.

Buy more and save more with Myopure

At Myopure, we want to make our products as affordable as possible for our customers. So as well as charging some of Australia’s best prices, we also offer you two more great ways to save. Buy in bulk and you could save as much as 20%, with the savings getting bigger the more you buy. And if you buy more than $100 worth of product, we’ll ship it to you anywhere in Australia at no charge. How’s that for great savings!
Shopping is easy in our online store. To order what you need, simply click on the products you want, add them to your shopping cart and then when you’ve finished shopping, go to our secure online checkout, where you can pay using your credit card or by direct bank transfer.

And if you’ve got a question about something we sell, you’re welcome to call our friendly team on 1300 MYOPURE (1300 181 640) or fill in our online query form and we’ll get back to you with a reply. We can help you achieve your health and fitness goals naturally, so shop and save now at Myopure, Australia’s Number One online supplier.

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