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  • Beetroot Juice Powder

    High in Betanins



    2 or more: $46.75/500g SAVE 2.5%
    4 or more: $43.16/500g SAVE 10%
    6 or more: $40.76/500g SAVE 15%
    10 or more: $38.36/500g SAVE 20%

    Supplied in 500g pouches

    beetroot powder pouch

    In stock

  • Chia Seeds – Superfood of the Aztecs

    High Protein & Omega 3
    Rich in Antioxidants
    High in Calcium and Iron



    2 or more: $26.28/kg   SAVE 2.5%
    4 or more: $24.26/kg   SAVE 10%
    6 or more: $22.91/kg   SAVE 15%
    10 or more: $21.56/kg   SAVE 20%

    Supplied in 1kg pouches

    chia seed bag

    In stock


Greens and supplements

Getting all the nutrients you need?

Many of us lead extremely busy lives and it’s important to make sure that we nourish our bodies with as many of the right amounts of vitamins and minerals as possible. Thankfully, there are products like Vital Greens vitamin supplements that include a carefully balanced blend of nutrient-dense greens that will ensure your body is getting what it needs to power through the day.

Vital Greens not only includes a selection of the best green vegetables, fruits and herbs, but it’s also packed with vitamins and minerals, probiotics, fibre, essential amino acids, digestive enzymes and antioxidants. So while supplements should never be used to completely replace a healthy and balanced diet, they are the the perfect complimentary drink that ensures your body is always topped up with the important stuff.

What’s great about green supplements is that they are easy to drink and pleasant tasting. Simply dissolve 2 heaped teaspoons of Vital Greens into water, milk or non-acidic juice (like apple and blackcurrant) and enjoy!

Green supplements are not recommended for anyone who is having warfarin therapy. If you are pregnant or lactating, as with any supplement or additional vitamin tablets or powders, it is always recommended to speak to a health care professional first before taking.

Why buy online with Myopure?

Myopure is Australia’s number one online source of pure protein powders and amino acids and has been since 2001. Sourcing only the highest quality products and ingredients, we also know how important it is to provide high quality supplements for busy people who want to stay fit and healthy.

Not only do we carefully research and understand each product we stock, but we also offer the best value for money with our 100% natural protein powders, amino acids and supplements.

Advice you can trust

Need some advice on which products to buy to assist with your fitness goals? Or perhaps you want to know more about which product is best for topping up your daily vegetable intake? Whatever your question, the Myopure team are here and ready to be of assistance. You can either call us on 1300 MYOPURE (1300 181 640) or fill out the online query form. We pride ourselves on offering an extremely high level of customer service and support for our customers and will always reply to your online query as soon as possible.

We also make the online shopping process as secure and enjoyable as possible. Once you’ve added the items you want to your cart, simply proceed to the checkout and provide us with your shipping details. You can then pay for your order using credit card or via direct bank transfer. For all orders over $100, we offer free shipping Australia-wide, making it easy and affordable to stock up on everything you need by shopping online from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re an athlete, sportsperson or busy parent, Myopure have a range of products to meet your specific health needs. Browse our entire range online now and find what you’re looking for at Myopure.

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