Waxy Maize Starch

Waxy Maize Starch
waxy maize starch label

Fast Absorbing Carbohydrate

0.5% P  •   87% C   •   0% F



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2kg per bag (unit).

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MyoPure WMS (waxy maize starch) is a long-chain, complex, super-high molecular weight, sugar-free carbohydrate. The high molecular weight produces a solution with high osmality that passes through the digestive system much faster than any other carbohydrate source and it the process rapidly pulls nutrients and protein to your muscles were they are needed the most.


Suggested Use

A 10% solution will optimize absorption. Add 60g to 200ml of water and mix vigorously. Add another 400ml for to create a 10% solution. Alternatively, add to protein shakes to boost the carbohydrate content.

1 level MyoPure Scoop weighs 42g.


Waxy Maize Starch

Summary Nutritional Facts

Average per serve  (60g)Average per 100g
Energy894Kj 1490Kj
Protein0.2g 0.5g

Typical Analysis

Protein %0.5
Fat %0
Carbohydrates %87
Total sugars %0
Sucrose %Not detected
Soluble fibre %Not detected
Insoluble fibre %Not detected
Energy1490 kJ/100g
355 cals/100g
Moisture %11-14
Minerals, vitamins, etc %0.1 max
pH (10%soln)4.5-6.5
FlavourBland, powdery mouth feel
Sulphur dioxide<10 mg/kg
Weight2.02 kg
Dimensions10 x 5 x 5 cm


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