Hydros 2 Water Distiller

Hydros 2 Water Distiller
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99.9% Pure Water on Demand



  • Space saving dimensions
  • 4 Litre Capacity
  • 750 watt
  • Easy To Use & Clean
  • Post Distillation Carbon Filter
  • Stainless Steel Boiler and Condensor
  • Distills approx 3.2 Litres per 4.5hrs
  • Save $$ — never buy bottled water again
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY (carry in)

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Rainwater is the most natural of all water, however, it is only pure at the moment of condensation. As rain falls to the earth through a polluted atmosphere it absorbs many impurities.

The Healthstart® Hydros creates ‘rain in a chamber’, intercepted at the point of condensation and brought straight to you for use. The water has been heated so that it turns to steam, leaving behind virtually all chemicals, inorganic minerals, and impurities. It is then condensed back into water — clean, pure water. Water cannot get any cleaner after being distilled by the Healthstart® Hydros

Distillation removes fluoride: The safest water is distilled water. Distillation has been shown to remove heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, particles, and other harmful compounds. With calls to have fluoride added to not only municipal water but also bottled water, distilling your own water is one of the few sure-fire ways to ensure your water is fluoride free.

Distilled water has many uses:
Not only drinking water but your tea and coffee will taste better. Devices such as steam irons/kettles will last longer. Even your pets will love distilled water!

How are contaminants removed:

At boiling point, the water evaporates into steam, traveling up the boiling chamber. The steam is cooled and converted back into liquid form. The end result is that most of the harmful contaminants are left behind in the boiling chamber, with the remainder generally having a lower evaporation point than water (and therefore evaporating and floating away before the water ever boils). With the post-distillation activated carbon filter, the Healthstart® Hydros removes approximately 99.9% of contaminants found in a municipal water supply. The carbon filter has the added bonus of enhancing the taste of your distilled water.

 Bacteria / AlgaeCompleteMinimalPartial
 Heavy MetalsCompleteMinimalPartial
Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions20 x 20 x 36 cm
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