Warrior Digital Bodyfat Calipers

Warrior Digital Bodyfat Calipers

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warrior1If you’re interested in weight loss, you want to lose fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. Muscle provides the metabolic furnace to burn off fat.

If you’re trying to bulk up, you want to add muscle, not fat. The scales alone can be misleading. Body fat measurement is the best metric of both health status AND superior fitness results.

Best Calipers of 2011.

Warrior Digital Body Fat calipers were voted best calipers of 2011 by Planet Muscle magazine.

You can only manage what you can measure.

The Warrior Digital Body Mass Caliper is the first caliper to measure Lean Body Mass and Body Fat%. Its big screen makes it easy to display your last and current results: Weight, Body Fat5, Lean Body Mass and Upper, Middle and Lower measurements. Warrior is the leading hand held body fat caliper that lets you measure body fat!

Warrior is the leading hand held body fat caliper that lets you measure body fat!

Personal trainer approved, Warrior is recommended by the US army for surpassing the military standard for physical readiness. Sequoia Fitness USA, manufacturer of the Warrior Caliper, is a registered supplier to the US Armed Forces. Whether you are a competitive body builder, a personal trainer, or just trying to monitor your body fat to maintain optimal health, Warrior gives you the professional accuracy in the comfort of your own home.
Warrior Fat Caliper PackEach Warror package includes:

The Warrior has a super accurate digital measurement system with these amazing features:

  • Calculates Body Fat % and Lean Body Mass
  • On-Screen Memory stores current and last results
  • Stores weight
  • Instructions and battery included

bodyfat display

The Warrior Digital Body Mass Caliper is the first caliper to calculate LeanBody Mass and Body Fat% automatically after 3-site measurement for men and women—upper, mid-section and lower body. The hand held calliper makes it easy to measure body fat by yourself. On screen memory stores and displays the last and current results for up to 4 users, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in measuring user progress.

  • Weight
  • Body Fat %
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Upper, middle and lower measurements.
  • A unique BEEP sound indicates once accurate readings are determined, so you’re guaranteed accurate results for maximum progress every time.
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