Res100 – Liquid

Res100 - Liquid

Resveratrol & Pasiflora Incarnata Extract


Supplied in 240 ml bottles

With Resveratrol you get the following possible benefits:

• Acts as both an estrogen antagonist and an aromatase inhibitor.

• Increases Testosterone without causing testicular shutdown

• Promotes blood vessel health and cardiovascular health in general

• Exhibits anti-cancer effects, particularly anti prostate-cancer effects

• Exhibits anti-aging effects

• Promotes fat loss

• Has anti-inflammatory properties

• Acts as an anti-oxidant

• Exhibits anti-arthritic effects

• Shows anti-fungal and anti-viral effects

• Acts as a liver protectant

With Pasiflora Incarnata Extract you get the following possible benefits:

• Aid in relaxation, reduce tenseness and restlessness

• libido-enhancing and virility-enhancing properties

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