PRP Colostrum IgG20+

Colostrum Label

Immunoglobulin > 23%
High Levels of Proline-Rich Polypeptides

70% P – 15% C – 4.5% F


2 or more: SAVE 3%
4 or more: SAVE 10%
6 or more: SAVE 15%
10 or more: SAVE 17%!

Supplied in 1kg, and 500g pouches.
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MyoPures™ 100% pure PRP Colostrum powder  is rich in immunoglobulins and has high levels of proline-rich-polypeptides. The powder is produced from colostrum taken from the first milking only and is processed both at low pressures and low temperatures to maintain maximum bio-activity.  Colostrum powder is a health-giving, disease-fighting, anti-aging super food and has also been shown to improve athletic performance.  

5 Advantages of MyoPures PRP Colostrum

1) First Milking.

MyoPures PRP Colostrum powder comes only from first milking colostrum when it is richest in bioactive components. Collected within 16 hours of birth, this is the colostrum in the cows udder when the calf is born. Of course, the calf gets all it needs first.

2) Careful Processing.

So that the important colostral proteins remain undenatured (or undamaged) MyoPure PRP Colostrum is carefully processed under low heat and low pressure.  Flash pasteurisation and a proprietary indirect drying method preserve maximum bioactivity and give the product a long shelf life.

3) High Levels of Proline-Rich Polypeptides.

MyoPures’ PRP Colostrum has high levels of proline-rich polypeptides which offer a more general immune balancing role than immunoglobulins. PRPs may modulate the immune system by up regulating a suppressed immune system or down regulating an over active one.

4) High Quality Processing.

First milking colostrum has about 50% protein and once fat is removed the protein content increases to 60 to 65%. Our colostrum has not been subjected to ultrafiltration which increases the protein content but also tends to remove the important PRPs.

5) Free Flowing and Instantised.

Mixes easily in drinks.

Suggested Use:

Add 5 to 30g to water or milk. 1 level Scoop weighs 36g


Milk Protein Powder

Made in:


Summary Typical Nutritional Facts

See label above for actual levels for the current batch.
Average per serve 30gAverage per 100g
Energy485Kj 1615Kj
Fat1.4g 4.6g
Carbohydrate4.4g 14.6g
Sodium88mg 294mg
Potassium303mg 1010mg


Typical IgG Content

See label above for actual levels for the current batch.
IgG >23%
IgA 1.9%
IgM 1.2%
IgF-I 1.6%
Lactoferrin 1.3%
Proline-Rich-Polypeptides 4.3%

Typical Major Active Components

Protein (TNx 6.38)62.3% (As is)
Total Immunoglobulins23.8%
Immunoglobulins (Type G1 & G2)22.8%
Immunoglobulins Type A1.9%
Immunoglobulins Type M1.2%
Insulin Growth Factor (Type 1)1.6 µg/g
Insulin Growth Factor (Type 2)145 ng/g
Transforming Growth Factor α141 µg/100g
Transforming Growth Factor ß265 µg/100g

Typical Vitamin Content

These are the levels of vitamins naturally occuring in the product, as reported by the manufacturer. This product has NOT been fortified with vitamins.
Vitamin A7.5 µg/g
Vitamin B140 µg/g
Vitamin B219 µg/g
Vitamin B50.85 µg/g
Vitamin B69 µg/g
Vitamin B120.11 µg/g
Vitamin C0.13 µg/g
Vitamin E0.11 µg/g
Folic Acid0.85 µg/g

Typical Mineral Content

These are the levels of minerals naturally occuring in the product, as reported by the manufacturer. This product has NOT been fortified with minerals.
Calcium1372 mg/100g
Magnesium165 mg/100g
Zinc7.6 mg/100g
Sodium460 mg/100g
Potassium1247 mg/100g
Phosphorus1037 mg/100g
Iron0.6 mg/100g

Typical Physical Properties

ColourYellow Powder

Typical Microbiological Estimates

Aerobic Plate Count (CFU,g)4,000
E. Coll. (/50g)Not detected
Coliforms (CFU,g)Not detected
Yeasts and moulds (CFU,g)Not detected
Listeria species (/25g)Not detected
Salmonella (/25g)Not detected
EnterobacteriaceaeNot detected
Bacillus cereusNot detected
Enterobacter sakazakii, (/25g)Not detected
Shigella, (/25g)Not detected
Staphylococcus aureus, (/50g)Absent

Typical Composition

Total Fat3.2%
Trans FatNot detected
Saturated Fat1.6%
Dietary FibreNot detected

Amino Acid Profile

Amino Acids per 100g Protein
Branch Chain Amino Acids
Other Essential Amino Acids
Other Amino Acids
Aspartic Acid9.2g


Glutamic Acid15.1g

Quality Assurance Strict quality control procedures are enforced during manufacture. The manufacturing environment is also subject to regular monitoring and control.

Final product is sampled and tested for chemical sensory and microbial parameters using internationally recognised procedures. During storage and shipment, precautions are taken to ensure product quality is maintained.

Each package is identified, enabling traceback.

Weight1.02 kg
Dimensions10 x 5 x 5 cm
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