Maltodextrin DE17

Maltodextrin DE17
maltodextrin label

Complex Carbohydrate – Polysaccharide

0.1% P  •   94% C   •   0% F







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MyoPure™ Maltodextrin DE17 is made from maize starch and is gluten free. It is a low DE white powder maltodextrin made by controlled hydrolysis of starch. A complex carbohydrate consisting of dextrose (glucose), maltose, maltotriose and higher polysaccharides.

Poslysaccharides with a dextrose equivilance (DE) of less than 20 as classed as maltodextrins.


Suggested Use

A 10% solution will optimize absorption. Add 30g to 300ml of water and mix vigorously. Alternatively, add to protein shakes to boost the carbohydrate content.

1x level MP Plastic Scoop (large) weighs 42g



Summary Nutritional Facts

Average per serve  (60g)Average per 100g
Energy960Kj 1600Kj
Protein0g 0g
Potassium0.6mg 1mg

Typical Analysis

Fat %Not detected
Carbohydrates %94
Total sugars %6.2
Sucrose %Not detected
Soluble fibre %Not detected
Insoluble fibre %Not detected
Energy1600 kJ/100g 380 cals/100g
Moisture %6.0 max
Minerals, vitamins, etc %0.5 max
pH (40%soln)4.5-5.5
Colour (40%soln)90% T min
Clarity (40%soln)No haze or specs
Dextrose equivalence17-20
FlavourBland, slightly sweet
Heavy metals5ppm
Sulphur dioxideNil
Monosaccharides %1.2
Disaccharides %5.4
trisaccharides %9.8
Higher polysaccharides %83.6


Typical Microbiological Estimates

Total Plate Count300/g max
SalmonellaNot detected in 25g
E. Coll.Not detected in 10g
Weight2.02 kg
Dimensions10 x 5 x 5 cm
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