Flavoured Whey Protein Concentrate

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MyoPure™ Flavoured Whey Protein Concentrate is a top grade protein powder that is rich in BCAAs (22.4%)  and immune boosting lactoferrin (typically 2%).  A delicious and cost effective protein powder supplement made from only 100% natural ingredients.  Available in delicious vanilla or chocolate flavour.

Highest Quality Whey Protein Concentrate

The whey protein concentrate is processed at low temperatures that ensure it is undenatured (undamaged) and that the various protein molecules (microfractions) remain biologically active.

Naturally Sweetened

Our flavoured whey protein is sweetened with stevia, a plant-based sweetener with no carbohydrates.

Naturally Flavoured

The vanilla flavour has been extract from 100% natural vanilla beans then concentrated and purified. For the chocolate flavour, 100% natural cocoa beans are mildly ‘dutch processed’ and provide the key flavour component. The beans are roasted under strict conditions to maximise flavour retention. Some natural cocoa flavor has also been added.

Suggested Use:

Add 1 serve (level scoop: 30g) to 150 to 300ml of water or milk. Or add to other food to boost protein content.



Whey Protein Concentrate

Natural Vanilla Flavour


Vegetable Gums


Sunflower Lecithin


Whey Protein Concentrate

Natural Cocoa Flavour

Cocoa Powder


Vegetable Gums


Sunflower Lecithin

Made in:

Australia from local and imported ingredients.

Summary Nutritional Facts

Vanilla Flavour

Average per serveAverage per 100g
Energy485Kj 1620Kj
Protein23.6g 78.5g
Fat1.8g 5.8g
Carbohydrate2.5g 8.3g
Sodium49mg 163mg

Chocolate Flavour

Average per serveAverage per 100g
Energy501Kj 1670Kj
Protein21.8g 72.7g
Fat2.2g 7.2g
Carbohydrate2.7g 9g
Sodium39mg 128mg
Weight1.02 kg
Dimensions10 x 5 x 5 cm


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