Defender Body Fat Calipers

Defender Body Fat Calipers
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Defender Bodyfat Calipers 3

The Defender Body Fat caliper lets you know when you’ve applied enough pressure so you get accurate results. Simply pinch your measurement site and the visual pressure indicator turns from red to green letting you know to release the caliper. Once you let go the measurment arrow stays fixed.

Once you’ve taken the site measurement the Defender Body Fat Results Wheel makes it easy for you to calculate your body fat percentage.

Simply line up your age with the reading from the caliper to instantly get you body fat percent.

It’s that easy.

Included in the package are:

  • Defender Body Fat Caliper
  • Defender Body Fat Results Wheel
  • Defender Bodyfat Calipers 2User Manual with Body Fat Measurement Techniques
  • Caliper Instructions
  • Body Fat Standards Charts
  • Body Fat Tracking Chart
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