ION 70 Air Purifier

ION 70 Air Purifier
ION 70 2

Clean the Air You Breathe


NB: We do not have any filters for the ION 70 and unfortunately do not know where you can get them.

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How clean is the air you’re breathing?

The ION-70 will clean the air you breathe faster and more effectively than any comparable air purifier!

Clears the air of the following pollutants:

  • Bacteria. A four pronged attack to destroy airborne bacteria is provided by the electronic dust collector, ioniser, HEPA filter and the germicidal UV lamp.
  • Germs and Viruses. The ultraviolet light is deadly for germs and viruses.
  • Mould and Fungi. The HEPA filters, ioniser and electronic dust collectors combine to take care of these problems whilst the germicidal UV light destroys any toxins released by mould and fungi spores.
  • Pollen and other Allergens are effectively removed by the HEPA filters, electronic collection grid and the ioniser.
  • Dust and Dust Mites. HEPA filters are the most effective against dust and allergens and their performance is enhanced by the ionisers.The germicidal UV lamp kills dust mites and other micro-organisms.
  • Chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds. The activated carbon filter is the most effective method of trapping these pollutants. The ioniser and UV lamp complete the job.
  • Odours and Tobacco Smoke. The activated carbon filter and ioniser combine to eliminate odours and smoke from most sources.

9 Stage State of the Art Technologies KILLS BACTERIA, GERMS & VIRUSES to Produce the Freshest Air Possible in Your Home or Workplace

1) Activated carbon filter and hepa filter ($49.00) need to be replaced about every 24 months.
2) Ioniser UV lamp ($19.00) needs to be replaced about every 30 months.

Beneficial for those suffering from asthma, sinus, respiratory and bronchial problems.
Suitable for home or workplace applications.

Purifies air over an area of 70m²

Keeps the home or workplace healthier by severely retarding the spread of infected air.
Cutting edge Japanese Technology gives the ION-70 unsurpassed particle and odour sensors which automatically monitor air quality.

Adjustable rate of airflow and huge plasma dust collector.

Powerful and ultra quiet four speed fan with the convenience of a remote control & automatic settings.

Particle filtering capability of 99.97% at one micron.

Additional sensors indicate when its time to replace filters.

Efficient, compact and almost noise free, the ION-70 will not intrude on other activities in the work or home environment.

Cleanable long life filters

Timer mode from 1 to 8 hours.

Compare with other air purifiers:


MC 704 VM
 AREA COVERAGE70M241.6M260M240M218M2
 POWER USE80w36w52w115w85w
 FILTERING SYSTEM9 Stage5 Stage5 Stage5 Stage3 Stage
 NEGATIVE ION3.8 Million/CM32000/CM3noyes1 Million/CM3
 CARBON FILTERyesyesyesyesyes
 HEPA FILTERyesyesnoyesyes
 UV LAMPyesnoyesyesno
 AIR QUALITY SENSORyesyesnoyesno
 ODOUR SENSORyesnononono
 PARTICLE REMOVAL99.97%99.97%99.99%99.97%95%
 ACTIVE OXYGEN<0.05ppm<0.05ppmnonono
 WARRANTY2 Years1Yrs/5Yrs Fan3 Years2 Years1 Year

30 day money back† guarantee if not completely satisfied with your ION-70 air purifier as part of the manufacturers warranty.

Two year warranty.

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Dimensions10 x 5 x 5 cm
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