Health & Immunity

Health and Immunity

Whey, a by-product of cheese making, has been used to as a tonic to treat various ailments since the time of the ancient Greeks.

It has been said that, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, insisted on having at least two liters of whey every day.

In the Middle Ages, whey was mixed in with salves and potions used to soothe burns. It was also said to inspire vitality and to cure illnesses.

In medieval times, whey provided an alternative beverage to beer though out Europe. In fact, “whey houses” were similar to our pubs.

By the 17th century, whey was used to treat all types of ailments including, jaundice, skin infections and gonorrhea.

Whey tonics for general health and spa-like cures were very popular with Swiss society in the 1800s.

And now there is a growing body of scientific research showing that there is a role for whey, whey protein concentrates and isolates in the support of health and immunity.


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