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    A few questions..

    I dont tolerate dairy and wheat products so well.
    I think getting whey products would be a bad idea.
    So Im interested in soy protein. I have heard good and bad things about it.

    I eat 4 meals a day of about 30g of protein each.
    I was going to supplement this with 3 servings of 34g soy protein.

    That equals protein from REAL food = 120g
    protein from meal replacement = 103g

    Iv never seriously taken protein supplements before but I am a hardgainer and dont put weight on easily, Im unsure of quantity per day.

    Is this too much soy in one day?
    Does this sound like a good intake?

    And can I instead of shakes all the time put the soy protein in scones or pancakes or something?

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    Dr J

    Personally I think that’s a lot of soy.

    Might be better to try a mix of soy and egg white powder if you can’t tolerate dairy.


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    how does 75g soy 45g egg powder sound?

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    Dr J

    Okay but what total protein consumption are you shooting for?


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    270g protein (or more)

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    Dr J

    That’s nearly 4g/kg body weight for you.

    Probably a tad much protein for a ‘hard gainer’!

    My suggestion is to try shooting for half as much while doubling or tripling the amount of carbs you eat.

    Then if you start getting a little too chubby for you liking try fewer carbs and mucking around carb timing.


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    Appreciate the advice dr J. 🙂

    Heres what Im starting to eat. Whole mostly unprocessed foods.
    Fruit veg chicken beef fish eggs nuts etc

    Spread over 7 small meals.

    Calories 2140
    199g protein
    242g Carbs
    108g fat

    I’ve started working out 3 days a week.

    As far as supplements go.
    I decided to not use soy (due to bad press), and instead see how I cope with whey.
    I was thinking just to have a shake with about 50g protein just before a workout. Followed by the most carb heavy meal after the workout.

    Still trying to finetune for the best possible results. This forum is alot of help.

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    Dr J

    You may find that you don’t have enough calories their to put on weight but it’s as good a place as any.

    If you don’t add any weight over a week bump the calories up by 500 cal. Keep doing that until you get were you want to go.

    Good luck.


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    If your looking to bump up your calories add some Flax seed or olive oil to you shakes…works a treat 🙂

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