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    Just wanted to say thanks to John for his excellent customer service after I placed a web order recently. My calcium caseinate and ACE whey protein isolate were shipped and arrived just a couple of days after I lodged my order. As for the protein they’re both good. The isolate mixes easily in a shaker bottle, the caseinate has a more ‘gluggy’ consistency so I picked up a electric mixing stick (like a blender) from a supermarket for $15 and it mixes the protein in a couple of seconds. The taste is pretty boring after coming over from Optimum Nutrition whey protein but the Myopure nutritional value is higher and that’s whats important in a sports supplement (to me anyway.)

    I wouldn’t mind finding some toppings or foods to add to my shakes to make them a bit more exciting to my taste-buds. Suggestions?

    Anyway, have a good one.


    PS I’ve been a member on this site for 4 years and this was my first Myopure purchase, took me awhile to commit! Lol, I’ll be a loyal customer from here on in.

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    4 years, havent seen u around, Hi anyway
    thanks for the review, will make J a proud man, hehe

    I find CC is not lumpy if i throw it in and quickly shake it str8 away.

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    Dr J

    Thanks Fox.

    Cottees toppings come in low carb versions if you. If you don’t mind some carbs there is nesquik and milo. I’m sure there’s more. Just check the toppings and cordial concentrate section of the supermarket.


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