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    Is it unwise to mix protein, malto and dextrose in water the night before a morning workout and then refrigerate it? Is the quality of any of the ingredients compromised by doing so? I believe that this is the case with creatine.

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    Dr J

    Nothing wrong with mixing and refrigerating. Look how milk does in the fridge and it’s full of fat!

    Creatine also holds up really well for at least 24 hours if the solution is refrigerated.

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    Doc i thought creatine breaks down into creatnine as soon as it touches water?

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    Dr J

    Yes, if you believe the Krack-a-lying ads. 😆

    There is very little breakdown in the first 24 hours if the temperature is low.

    So refrigerating over night or for a day should be fine.

    After that the breakdown picks up.

    If you want creatine to break down as soon as it touches water makes sure the water is close to boiling point.

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