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    😀 ok guys hi to all
    ive gone around in circles try’n to find sum answers so hers my post
    i want to make my own protein mix using myopure probly the hydrolyzd wp,wpi or sum wpc ,whats a mix for:
    mix for :through out the day
    mix for:pre and post workout
    for bulking (is bulking and weight gaining the same?)
    (do you just use the protein powder on its own or whith other stuff)
    (do i use dextrose Maltodextrin and at what mix) these are carbs right
    needs some basic not fancy answers thanks
    about me 172cm 20yo currently 62.7kilo wanting to searisly bulk up
    (takn me awile to get to this weight so bit of a hard gainer high metabolizm)
    workout 3-4 days jim bout 1 hour each been trainin hard ,try to eat asmuch aspossible but dont get that much to eat at work
    previosly used bodyscience,max’s hated,asn hp-100 which i thought was a good product cause didnt bloaut me compared to other products and creatine aslo why cause money alittle and the further knowledge and not gettn ripped off buy gimicks and manufactures and wanna get bigger

    thanks for any reply’s will be keenly weighting

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    posrt in the diet and nutrition section// what your after is more like a diet thing… you will recieveyour answer there..

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    ok thanks will do soon if dont get replys

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    Dr J

    If you seriously want to bulk you’ve got to hammer the peri (around) – workout window.

    Hydrolysed whey, maltodextrin and dextrose. I’d start with 30g HWPI, 30g Malto, 30g Dextrose. Mix two of these in water. 500ml for one and 300ml for the other. Drink half the 500ml before your workout and sip on the rest during training. Then after training scull the 300ml.

    Remember that the HWP is bitter but most people quickly adapt to the taste.

    An hour after this eat whatever meal suits you diet.

    For a supplemental drink at other times we’ve had very good feed back on the MyoPure micellar MPC. Mix this with some whole egg powder (newly available) and you’ve got a nice high calorie low carb bulking mix.


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    Thanks for that dr j ,will do.

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    make 1 serve of that post work out drink and drink half of it before you train and sip the rest during your weight session

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    so to just make sure was it
    1) mix 30g HWPI, 30g Malto, 30g Dextrose with 500ml water and drink that pre and during work out , then mix another 30g HWPI, 30g Malto, 30g Dextrose with 300ml water and have that after work out


    2) mix 30g HWPI, 30g Malto, 30g Dextrose with 800ml water and have, 500ml before and during work out and then slam the 300ml straight after work out?

    thanks for the help guys

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    Dr J

    I don’t think the amount of water is a huge deal. Use as much as you can comfortably drink.

    Theoretically a 10% solution or less is ideal but tends to be a whole lot of water.

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    aah alrite, cheers!

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