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    Was checking out myopure for a more resourceful purchase of protein… flavored stuff is getting tooooo pricey these days!!!

    I saw pea and rice protein powder, and what got me thinking was that it said rice protein had an amino acid profile close to human mothers milk, wouldn’t this be better for humans then whey protein?

    Whats the best for human consumption, and for the best absorption/utilization??

    I’ve been hearing this and that about whey protein not being good for human consumption and mass gains, and that the body only utilizes 17% or something and the rest going into the toilet.

    So this pea and rice stuff has me curious. Whats the truth on protein powder?

    would it be worth getting pea or rice protein powder then whey?

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    Dr J

    Okay, unbuff, when’s the last time you drank mothers milk. Probably been a while, eh, so I wouldn’t worry about it to much.

    Mothers milk is probably ideally designed for someone who weighs in at under 10kg.

    If a protein source has all the essential amino acids it’s going to do the job. After that it’s probably how well your body tolerates a particular source.

    Whey is usually a very good choice but some people don’t tolerate dairy all that well. Rice and pea offer an alternative for them. Also if someone has been consuming a lot of a whey powders then rice and pea are one way to take a break but still avail yourself of a protein powder.

    As for utilization. The body grabs what it needs for various functions and deals with any excess if necessary. The source of the protein is not important.

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    Sounds good!!!

    I might try the these alternatives for my next order, Ive never liked milk/dairy!!

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