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    I’m lactose intolerant and wanted to know if anyone has tried or could recommend any of the non dairy protein powders.

    On the Myopure site there are Soy, Egg White, Whole Egg, and Pea proteins.

    They are all about the same price, I was tossing up between Pea, Soy and Egg White and have no idea what the difference is (other then where they came from!).

    Appreciate the help =)

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    Enter Dr J….. 😉

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    Dr J

    I’m not a fan of soy but it you don’t have a choice….

    I’m a fan of whole eggs 🙂

    Pea protein isolate (from peas which have all the essential amino acids) is out of stock unfortunately 😥

    So I’d recommend you try a mix of soy and egg white powders but switch the soy to pea when it becomes available.

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    Thanks Dr J.
    Why are you a fan of whole eggs over egg whites, is it easier for the body to absorb?

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    Dr J

    Why waste the yolk?

    Full of protein and a good fat profile of saturated, mono and poly unsaturated. Better still if you get omega 3 eggs.

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