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    Hi guys, I was wondering which of the two protein powders works best in terms of fatloss as well as gaining muscles for a post workout nutrition. I’ve read the Demling and DeSanti (2000) study and had a little confusion. Also, i’d like to know the BV availabilty and the absorption rate plus the things that i might want to know. cheers.

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    Dr J

    D & S showed that HCP performed better in their population (fat policemen).

    For postworkout recovery the protein with the largest amount of very small peptides HWPI DH17 should perform better as it’s absorbed more rapidly.

    How much difference any of this makes in practice is something you’ve got to decide or discover for yourself.

    I’d keep it simple at the start and just go for HWPI 0.4g/kg bw, Dextrose 0.4g/kg bw and Maltodextrin 0.4g/kg bw.

    Then at some later time you might like to experiment and see if the HCP is better for fat loss.

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