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    Just found the myopure site in a search today. I usually use Balance unflavoured Whey protein isolate because I like the versitility of an unflavoured powder. How does Myopure Isolate compare to Balance? What is the taste like in comparison? Also, am I able to cook with Myopure?

    Also, I just joined the forum today – looks like a great place to get some info across the board. Am just getting back into weights & training after 12 mths of NOTHING!!!! Am feeling very unfit and flabby so can’t wait to hit the gym again!! Am always looking for effective ways to drop fat – got down to 16% July last year and aiming to get to about 15% this year!!! So if anyone has any good tips I am keen!!!

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    Welcome k.

    Yeah you will be able to get some good info here without a lot of the off topic distractions. You will find plenty of old topics on diet and cutting. Try using the search function and you will have lots of reading to do.

    I haven’t used Balance so I can’t compare the two but Dr J puts a lot of information on the Myopure site about the protein so you might be able to compare them there.

    Sure you can cook with the WPI. I don’t cook with it but I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and it is every bit as good as anything I have used in the past.

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