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    Hey guys,

    This may be a better question to direct toward DrJ. I’ll be moving back to Australia in a few months and want to get into workout mode again and purchase protein, caseinate etc.

    Is there anywhere on this forum on the myopure site that provides a comparison and breakdown of what proteins would be best for those getting started.

    I guess my quandry is that there are so many different types of proteins offered (even on the myopure site) that it confuses me on what I should purchase.

    Maybe a newbie area that gives a package solution for proteins etc based on different goals would be helpful…… for me it would anyway.

    Cheers guys.

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    Dr J

    I’m a great believer in keeping it simple to start.

    A good base is some WPI, caseinate, creatine and dextrose and maltodextrin.

    Use the WPI, creatine and sugars around workout time. WPI and caseinate if you need a meal replacement and you’ve also got the casein for a slow release protein at night if you want to try that.

    Then concentrate on dialing in the rest of your diet depending on your goals. This should be the main focus.

    Then once you know your diets sorted you can try experimenting with other supplemental strategies.


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    Thanks for that DrJ.

    We’ve been in email contact in the recent past. I’m the guy that’s located in Thailand but in December I’ll be moving back to Sydney so will put in my order once I’m back in town.

    What would be helpful is understanding more about Myopure products and what would be recommended i.e. ACE WPI, US Premium WPI, MF WPI etc.

    I understand you provide a few different kinds of protein for WPI but what would be the pro’s/con’s of each that YOU know of or recommend?

    Appreciate your help.


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