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    This is actually my first post here so Hi to one and all. Great forum here. Very postive atmosphere and some good advice and info.

    I had to join up just to say that Myopures Creapure Creatine is the absolute best i’ve used.

    I have used and recommended Prolab Creatine to many people over the last few years because of the gains i have made from using it but the last 2 tubs i’ve bought haven’t been that great.

    Recently i’ve leaned up a bit then started on the Creatine but this time i thought i’d buy local and go with the Myopure brand and results are fantastic.

    In 1 week muscle fullness has increased dramatically, even on low-carb days and although i’m not gaining much in strength (due to calorie restriction) the weights i am using are feeling much easier.

    Big thumbs up to Myopure.

    Their MF WPI IS helping a lot to. I won’t go anywhere else to get my stocks again.


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    ive only used myopure creatine and found it works. I think i got some left, might get back on it.

    Welcome to the forum

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