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    Hey there,

    This is my first time buying Myopure’s stuff, dont know how I stumbled onto the site but very glad I did 🙂

    Which of these should I get as my prebed protein? I have read that Calcium Caseinate is inferior to Micellar Casein – what are your thoughts? It also suprises me that the MPC is cheaper than CC if the previous statement is correct.

    Thank for the help

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    Dr J

    Yeah, that’s the million dollar question.

    There’s lots of ways to look at this. For example, we could think of MPC to Calcium caseinate as WPC is to WPI.

    MPC 5% fat and 5% lactose, CC next to none of both.

    However, this is not strictly correct as MPC is 20% whey and CC is 100% casein.

    However, the casein in CC has been processed (calcium added) whereas the casein (and whey) in MPC has been subjected to minimal processing.

    I prefer the taste of MPC but if you’re also adding flax seed oil there’s not much difference.

    Both are slow proteins.


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    Well Im going to be adding this to a blend of WPC, micellar and egg albumin.

    The reason im going to be adding either MPC/CC is to increase the micellar casein as my current blend (branded, not my own blend) does not have enough

    which one should i choose? the CC?


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    Dr J

    If you want to add ‘micellar’ casein, go for the MPC.

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    i am buying micellar this time round. calcium caseinate is driving me crazy.

    I shake like a mad man but it clumps quite a bit. i almost choked on a fat piece of protein lol

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