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    I noticed on the myopure site it says:

    MAY help preserve muscle
    MAY boost growth hormone
    APPEARS to speed up recovery
    MAY enhance immunity

    Seems rather unconvincing.

    Does anyone use this supplement regularly?

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    Dr J

    That’s why they call me ‘Mr Softsell’.

    You really need to make up your own mind on this one.

    The argument ‘for’ is usually based on a whole bunch of intravenous studies with burns patients.

    The argument ‘against’ is that the l-glutamine doesn’t get past the gut were it’s used to maintain gut health.

    However a lot of very big guys swear by the stuff. It will help maintain a healthy gut.

    Finally, it may be that when supplemental l-glutamine is used by the gut it spares endogenous glutamine stores.

    Oh, and it’s an expensive source of glycogen if you’re low carbing it.

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    I have been taking l-glutamine for the past week.

    3x5g a day – one upon waking, one pre training, one post training.
    all with juice/high gi carb drink.

    i have noticed that i’m not as sore. usually 24hrs after training legs DOMS cripples me and i can barely walk. this week there’s still some pain but not nearly as much as usual.

    Other than that, no other noticeable effects.

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    Glutamine, like most singular amino acids should be taken on an EMPTY STOMACH.

    I wont train without it – i notice my muscles much fuller as it is a great glucose disposal agent (helps transport glucose into the muscles making them bigger and fuller)

    Besides its cosmetic benefits, its great for preserving muscle. Use it!

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    Dr J

    Bodytek, when do you take it then and how much?

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    Hey Doc,

    I take 2 measured teaspoons 3 x per day.

    Upon rising, wait 30 mins then eat
    30 mins before training
    Before bed after last meal has settled

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