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    Big Bad Pete

    Hi guys

    I just purchased a bunch of d-glucose, maltodextrose, hydo whey and amino acids from Myopure. I’ve done my research and basically mixed up a whole bunch of homemade Biotest Surge.

    Sounded like a great idea, except boy do them amino acids taste bad and man the whole thing tastes like crapola.

    Now to put this in perspective I am a regular customer of Myopure and have no problem chugging flavourless whey, casein etc with just water if I need to.

    Has anyone else out there attempted to do a homemade pre/post workout drink with added amino acids? If you have, and managed to make it taste ok….good even, I’d love to hear from you.

    Thanks guys.

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    Dr J

    So far I’ve found a little cinnamon helps.

    At first when I mixed in BCAAs (10g) with my PWO shake I though there would be know way I could drink the mix. I added the cinamon and it was better. But then as I got used to the taste didn’t bother with the cinamon any more.

    Other flavors that might help are rasberry, vanilla or something with a citric taste.

    I’ve also read that green tea is sometimes used to mask the taste.

    Am still looking into all this 😉

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    Big Bad Pete

    Thanks Dr J

    I’ve been soldiering on and I’ve got used to it. For anyone else out there just be tough and you’ll be able to get it down.

    I’ve found diet lemon cordial masks the taste pretty well too.



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    i dunno Dr J, you have excellent advice until you recommend the flavouring! Hahaha. kidding.

    Im sure you are the same, and i recommend it to anybody out there using protein/BCAA/etc supplements and nutrients: forget about the taste and just enjoy the benefits.

    Which foolish generation of people made food entertainment?!

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    Buy Diet Jelly Raspberry Flavour it tastes very NICEEEEEEEe

    Orange and mango is decent too tasting.

    I also played around with mixing in Raspberry, Orange/Mango that was pretty good.

    I tried Vanilla + some drops of almond essence but the flavours from the jelly beat it hands down every time.

    ooh i forgot to add yes I always add BCAA and Glutamine to my work out shakes.

    But then again i actually dont mind the taste of BCAA on their own, myopure bcaa reminds me of coffee for some reason haha

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    NHI make flavour booster powders. I use them and you only need 1/2 teaspoon to mask the horrble taste.

    Good Luck

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