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    I have just joined a local gym and was wondering if anyone could give me suggestions on what I should be eating / drinking before and after each gym session and throughout the week.

    I go to gym 3 times a week (I started 7/7/06) Mon, Wed, Fri. My main goal is to BULK UP.

    At the moment I am having;

    Breakfast – 1 cup porridge with skim milk
    Morning Tea – Protein Drink (Musashi) and an apple
    Lunch – 1 chicken, cheese, salad in pita bread and an apple
    Afternoon Tea – 2 tin tuna
    Dinner – Various
    Supper – tin fruit and yoghurt

    I also take a multi viatmin tablet (Swisse for Men) each day.

    I work in Property Maintenance so I get plenty of exercise but find I lack energy. What I need is a daily listing of what I should be eating / drinking so I can get through the day and not feel tired. Also is their anything I could take to help with the bulking up of my body, eg protein drinks etc?

    Any ideas would be greatly apprieciated.

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    At least 2 more protein drinks, more carbs!! and some lovely essential fats!. Try putting a tablespoon of olive oil in your protein drinks 😉

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    Thanks for the reply Ian, but what I was after is a more detailed description of what to take on a daily basis. When you say more fats, more carbs what sort of things are they. As I am new to all of this I am hoping to get more educated with the help of this forum.

    Thanks Again

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    imported_mr 32

    you should have a protien shake before you go to the gym with some dextrose and maltodextrin. also you should have a protien shake after you finish from the gym. your meal after you you go to the gym should have a high amount of carbs in it.

    good fats are fish oil caps, flax seed oil, olive oil and walnuts almonds etc.

    i think you may be a bit low in your food intake for bulking up depending on your stats (which you havent told us 😉 )

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