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    So im another user unsure about protein powders…

    At the moment i’m using Horleys Awesome Mass if anyone has heard of it? and i just saw this site and some of the myopure deals dont look too bad such as getting it in bulk etc.

    Atm im 18 years old and 130lbs looking to put on some muscle mass big time…..

    I’m sure you’ll all vouch for this product as it is the official site haha…but can anyone give me idea why its better than other ones?

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    Mixes well, tastes good and it’s cheap.
    I’m only a newbie myself so that’s about all I can tell you.


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    Dr J

    Better than some and as good as the rest.

    At Myopure we sell the best quality protein powders we can find at a reasonable price. We keep the price down by not spending big on advertising or fancy packaging, we don’t add flavors or additives.

    Even if you’re a big fan of sweet flavored protein mixes, it’s probably a good idea to give the digestive system a break from all those additives once and a while.

    Also most powders are easily flavored with milo, nesquik, cottee’s toppings and real fruit and berries.


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