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    If so…how much and at what times of the day?

    (I’m currently consuming HWPI & HCP)

    On my non workout days I do cardio.

    My routine:
    Mon – weights
    Tue – cardio
    Wed – weights
    Thu – cardio
    Fri – weights
    Sat – cardio
    Sun – rest 😀

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    woops, my previous post might sound a bit ambiguous.

    What I was referring to by “non workout days” was the days that I do cardio exercises.

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    Yes mate.

    Taking protein, either as a supplement or real food, maintains your plasma amino levels. These aminos are used to synthesize new muscle and various other things.

    Considering the fact that you actually grow while resting, it is very important to keep the protein intake up during “off” days.

    How much? Two to three grams per kilo of bodyweight should be enough in most circumstances.

    When? Split it up so that you get some protein every few hours during the day. Just calculate the total requirement and divide it by six, then have six meals.

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