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    When taking creatine is it better to take it with dextrose or Maltodextrin or both? Also how many grams? I was thinking of 25g each.


    When loading for 4-5 days do should I be taking it with dextrose or Malto everytime. If so thats an awful lot of sugar.

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    take it with grape juice. I assume you are using Mono. To be totally honest you really don’t need to load. If you are doing an 8 week cycle you will be saturated soon enough.

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    Dr J

    Anything less than 100g does little to help uptake of creatine.

    In studies the only way they could get a significant result with less glucose was to subsitute 50g of carbs with 50g protein.

    Moral? One of the best times to take creatine is with a protein and carb postworkout shake.

    At other times whatever floats your boat.

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