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    Hey im just wondering what supplements i would take to help the best to increase my strength, put on bulk, increase my muscle size and decrease the recovery time of my muscle repair. Do i need to take creatine along with protein powders and what kind of protein powders and creatine and etc supplements that would help. fanx heaps. im bout 19 and 75kgs and bout 6’1 tall. and wanting to become a serious body builder

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    Decca durabolin, sounds like what you want.

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    Dr J

    @kinmassive wrote:

    Decca durabolin, sounds like what you want.

    😮 But I thought GH was the way to go for that ripped but pregnant look. I noticed a dude at the gym the other day who looked just like this. Big arms with good definition and a large distended abdomen.

    Reihana, seriously, you need to concentrate on your diet (whole food) first and foremost. If you can’t get enough calories in just by eating whole foods then protein shakes can help meet your calorie target.

    I’d even suggest it’s worth getting some serious eating and training in before trying creatine (which I’d otherwise recommend) so you have a baseline to judge the results of supps against.

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