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    Hello peeps, I recently had a big break from training and have lost a bit of size and weight and when I train now I get frustrated because I know I could be pushing more, and should be stronger etc.

    Anyway, I know I won’t have to train as hard would if I was starting form scratch…to get back to where I was, but I want to kno exactly which aminos I should take for HGH release, when I should take them, and what with, as in all once as a stack, take some, then some more in 30mins etc….

    Has anyone done this or read anything scientific that could help me out?

    So far I know to take Arginine, ornithine, lysine, taurine, glutamine, gaba and one more I can’t think of right now… I’m a bit dehyrated as well (drink heaps of water and don’t piss anything) and I think I have noticed a bit of deterioration in my short term memory, anyone experianced that either?

    Thanks in advance, much love 🙂

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    Don’t worry about your loss of gains, your mega penis will make up for it

    As far as aminos go, If you really think your not getting them in the food/whey your eating, buy this and take around 10gms before and after training. Or sip them during training.

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    Dr J

    @unbuff wrote:

    Don’t worry about your loss of gains, your mega penis will make up for it


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    Try to get your hands on L-Dopa. Does it work? I don’t know but you can try.

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    Derek Amos

    Argenine is the one to use, but its so long ago since I used it, that I forget the amount. Try Googling the subject. DA

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    I take so many OTC supplements its not funny!! But really to be honest I don’t know how much they are doing for me? With the amount of money we spend on all these amino products it really makes you wonder wether or not you’d be better off just using pure GH at a small dose of say 2iu to 4iu per day, at least this way you know your going to make progress.

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