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    I didn’t read the sticky post about the taste. HTFU

    This is a great product i have been taking for about 2 years now.

    I train combat sports as well as powerlifting, running, skiing and surfing, rock climbing etc..

    BCAAs are so vital for my diet now as they provide the ability to keep training consistently, injury free. People training hard will know this is what you want your good money to be doing when supplementing your diet.

    Still using a ton of Calcium Casein for meal replacement, but this is certainly the bee’s knees of pre and post training diet supplementation that should be any athletes bread and butter.

    Hope this can help somebody considering buying the product. I have tried all the products here including hydrolyzed whey and casein as well as blending the WPC / Casein and WPI products. All are great, rest assured. But for people who dont really want to digest masses of protein , and use it more for recovery than food / diet stuffs anyway. GET THIS STUFF! 150ml of water with the 10-15 odd gram serving, shaken in a jar / container and swill it down. After a week you probably wont even grimace when you drink it. It’s pretty neutral in my opinion (try the hydrolyzed WPI if you dont like BCAA taste!).

    Basically, i notice it after the gym or training when i don’t have it. As i also noticed it when i didn’t take it on the days off i was skiing and skiing O/S (times rational people try and get the most out of if you have spent a few grand getting there!).

    Give it a shot. $92 bucks for a few months worth is a cheap gamble if you even have no faith in it.

    pros: relatively cheap for serving size / lasting
    small serving amount / not filling
    excellent pre / post workout formula
    stops all muscular aches and pain the next day, no probs (maybe
    not after those 24 hour MB races i saw on the news last night….)

    cons: salty / bitter taste (no issue for me personally)
    expensive if you are a student (tough luck)
    -mixing it can be annoying (density differences. can i mix them all
    together in a tub when i get them mailed? not sure!?)

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