How does the cost of MyoPure 100% pure protein powders compare with other protein sources? MyoPure protein powders are excellent value, read on and see for yourself.

Other Protein Powders and MRPs

There is a real difficulty in comparing prices with commercially available protein powders. Assuming label claims are correct, the specific amount of each ingredient is rarely given. Ingredient descriptions are sometimes deceptive or amount to pseudoscientific gobbledygook. Products manufactured in the USA often contain ‘Proprietary Blends’ with trademarked names (eg MesoPro™) – Beware.

Under US labeling laws ingredients must be listed in the order of actual content by weight. If a product contains 45g of maltodextrin, 30g of dry milk protein, 20g of whey protein concentrate and 5g of hydrolysed protein the ingredients would have to be listed in that order. However, if the three proteins are a proprietary blend the label could read, SuperPro™(dry milk protein, whey protein, hydrolysed whey protein), Maltodextrin. We might even go the whole hog and turn the sugar component into a proprietary blend too – SuperCarb™ – just by registering the trademark and mixing some dextrose with the maltodextrin (NB: SuperPro and SuperCarb are fictitious names).

The rules for listed order by weight also apply to the propriety blend. This helps a little in determining what the major protein component is. However, in the example above, SuperPro could be mainly plain old milk powder with just a pinch of whey and hydrolysate.

The moral of this story: Read the labels, be suspicious. If you’re interested in reading more about alleged supplement manufacturer shenanigans check the following links
Protein Powder Fact and Fiction – T-Mag
Protein Insider – T-Mag

(It is not meant or implied that any of the manufacturers or products listed below engage in these tactics. In fact some are a lot better than others and I offer my opinions based solely on label claims and as a means of price comparison.)

Victory MegaMass 2000 RRP $40.00 1kg
This is a protein – carbohydrate blend delivering a whopping 75% of carbohydrate.
18% is protein primarily from dry milk powder. You’d be better off buying the milk powder, some sugar and a bottle of multivitamins from the corner shop. Oh, hang on, I almost forgot you also get a quarter of a gram of l-glutamine per serve.
Cost of protein $222.00/kg
MyoPure prices $22-$44/kg (Depending on the protein type)

Aussie Bodies WPI RRP $86.95 900g
Ultra filtered and Ion-exchange whey protein isolates flavoured and sweetened with sucralose.
Cost of protein $107.00/kg
MyoPure prices $32-$49/kg

EAS Simply Protein RRP $65.95 908g
No gripes about the label claims here although it would be nice to know how much whey concentrate (listed first!) and whey protein isolate it contains. Also has artificial flavours and is artificially sweetened with stevia.
Cost of protein $72.00/kg
MyoPure prices $22-$44/kg (Depending on the protein type)

EAS Myoplex RRP $145.20 20 (76g) packs
Myoplex is primarily carbohydrate (55%) the bulk of which come from maltodextrin. There are a few vitamins thrown in for good measure. Protein makes up 24% of this MRP and is the proprietary blend – ‘MyoPro® (unique blend of whey-protein concentrate from specially filtered and ion-exchanged whey protein, calcium caseinate, milk-protein isolate, taurine, L-glutamine, sodium caseinate, egg albumin, and calcium alpha-ketoglutarate [AKG])’. Okay, so it’s mainly whey protein concentrate and caseinate!!
Is this a good supplement? Maybe. Is it expensive? You bet.
Cost of protein $250+/kg. Ouch!
MyoPure prices $22-$44/kg (Depending on the protein type)

Couldn’t find your favorite on this list? Don’t agree with my analysis? Then send me an email and let me know about it –

Real Food

Basis 12 pack of 700g eggs (59g per egg) $3.30
Per kilo cost $4.40
Protein content 12% (5% yolk, 7% white)
Cost of protein from whole e ggs is approximately $37/kg
Cost of protein from egg whites is approximately $63/kg

Basis 425g Paramount Tuna in Brine $3.97
Each 425g can contains 300g of tuna (Surprised! Read the label.)
Per kilo cost $13
Protein content 25%
Cost of protein from canned tuna is approximately $53/kg

Basis Chicken Breast Fillets $13/kg
Protein content 21%
Cost of protein from chicken breast fillets is approximately $62/kg

Beef – Rump Steak
Basis Rump steak $16/kg
Protein content 20%
Cost of protein from rump steak is approximately $80/kg

Beef – Fillet Mignon
Basis Fillet mignon $32/kg
Protein content 20%
Cost of protein from fillet mignon is approximately $160/kg

These real foods are an important sources of protein and other nutrients. Don’t forget to include them in your diet.

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