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monkey hot bath

Weight Loss Plateau, Dairy and a Hot Bath!

Joel Feren Defends Dairy Till the Cows Come Home   Five take aways from accredited dietitian Joel Feren. Dairy is does not create an acidic environment in the body and leach calcium from the bones (take that Pete Evans!) Dairy is a nutritional power house rich in vitamins and minerals Dairy is good for healthy […]

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Killer Rabbit

The Facts About Protein or Are They?

In a recent blog post at Juice Daily I found some interesting claims about high protein diets.   Protein can Cause Your Kidneys to Explode!   The kidney’s blood vessels are very small so they can easily get damaged by the size of proteins passing through,” says McGrice. Additionally, McGrice says studies shown that long-term high protein […]

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justin beiber menshealth

Bieber Bodybuilds & Tabata Refresher

Justin Bieber is on the cover of Mens Health. I came across this via a great article by Marina Hyde in the Guardian.  A snippet Happily, for sworn enemies of sarcasm in public life, there are the likes of Justin Bieber, whose comments on his current Men’s Health cover confirm that earnestness is always the […]

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La Culture Physique

Muscle Memory, Sleep, Rise and Earners

Muscle Memory Imagine if someone scanned almost every cover of the bodybuilding and strength magazines ever published until 2012 (maybe that’s when their scanner broke). Imagine! That’s a lot of covers, over 5000 by my rough and ready count. From the 1936 cover of  La Culture Physique   to the first and only cover of […]

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Flow, Grow, Diet

Hacking Athletic and Creative Performance KStarr interviews Steven Kotler about the Flow state, or being in the Zone. If you’ve never heard of the flow state this interview is as good a place as any to start. If you’re like me and you think you know about flow, listen to the interview to learn how […]

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iron chapel

Gym Porn and More

  Gym Porn From 1800s Church to 1990s drug’n party club to glamour gym. If you’re visiting New York City you’ve got to check out the David Barton Gym inside the Limelight. Although David Barton is no longer with David Barton Gym, the Limelight gym still reflects his gym as nightclub philosophy. Welcome to the […]

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Over armed

Influential, Cool, Stupid and Sad

  The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness Michelle Obama at number 1 and and Dr Oz number 2. Really? The most interesting thing about this was that during the week when I (accidentally) flicked to the Dr Oz show, he was showing us how to poop correctly. Spooky. Tim Ferris and Dave […]

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SKulpt MQ

Abs, Squats, More Wearables and PT for Your Teeth!

Which Wearable? If you’re in the US Lumoid makes it easy to choose by offering a service whereby you can try a range of different wearables before making your decision to buy. Anyone in Australia please? No, then you can ask Lumoid to start shipping to Oz and they will consider it if there’s enough demand; contact […]

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How Many Carbs

Carbs, Wearables and Top Fitness Trends

How Many Carbs Do You Need? The Short Answer: It depends on your nutrient partitioning abilities. If you’re overweight carbs may tend to be stored as fat, if you’re lean and fit then you can need up to 6.6 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of bodyweight per day. For the long answer duck over to T-Nation […]

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