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New Zealand Colostrum Powder in Stock Now!

MyoPure’s New Zealand Colostrum powder is in stock now. MyoPure’s Colostrum IgG40 has been on our shelves for over 10 years. Unfortunately it is now out of production in Australia and we’ve sold the last of our stock. Fortunately we’ve managed to source an excellent replacement at only 40% of the cost of the IgG40 […]

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New MyoPure Site

Welcome to the New MyoPure

It’s finally here! MyoPure’s new website. We started MyoPure in 2000 as a source for pure protein powder – an alternative to most of the protein powders produced by the big brands laden with artificial sweetners and flavors. MyoPure began by offering just three protein powders – whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and calicum […]

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