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OC Throwdown

Newbury does Wodapalooza and the Throwdown

  MyoPure Ambassador James Newbury started his 2015 CrossFit season by competing in the Orange County Throwdown on the weekend of January 11th followed by Wodapalooza Miami a week later. James injured his wrist in the second to last workout but still pulled through to a creditable 15th place. A week later he was waterside […]

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iron chapel

Gym Porn and More

  Gym Porn From 1800s Church to 1990s drug’n party club to glamour gym. If you’re visiting New York City you’ve got to check out the David Barton Gym inside the Limelight. Although David Barton is no longer with David Barton Gym, the Limelight gym still reflects his gym as nightclub philosophy. Welcome to the […]

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Research Report: Whey Protein, Creatine and more

Every month I like to scan the recently published research on training, protein powders and other supplements. Here’s what I found in January: Whey Protein Makes You Feel Less Hungry This was a follow up study to find out why a group of female subjects ate less after having a drink with whey protein compared […]

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Over armed

Influential, Cool, Stupid and Sad

  The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness Michelle Obama at number 1 and and Dr Oz number 2. Really? The most interesting thing about this was that during the week when I (accidentally) flicked to the Dr Oz show, he was showing us how to poop correctly. Spooky. Tim Ferris and Dave […]

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SKulpt MQ

Abs, Squats, More Wearables and PT for Your Teeth!

Which Wearable? If you’re in the US Lumoid makes it easy to choose by offering a service whereby you can try a range of different wearables before making your decision to buy. Anyone in Australia please? No, then you can ask Lumoid to start shipping to Oz and they will consider it if there’s enough demand; contact […]

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scoop protein powder

Protein Powder for Weight Loss

  As you can imagine I’m often asked which protein powder is best for weight loss. First, lets get one thing straight, by weight loss we mean fat loss. You shouldn’t really care if you lose a couple of kilos of fat and gain some muscle. Even if you’re female, retaining or gaining muscle is important […]

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How Many Carbs

Carbs, Wearables and Top Fitness Trends

How Many Carbs Do You Need? The Short Answer: It depends on your nutrient partitioning abilities. If you’re overweight carbs may tend to be stored as fat, if you’re lean and fit then you can need up to 6.6 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of bodyweight per day. For the long answer duck over to T-Nation […]

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Maltodextrin: It’s Simple Really!

I was flicking through a health magazine the other day when I came across this in an ad for a breakfast protein drink. What caught my eye was that they highlighted maltodextrin as a ‘long lasting carb’. Okay, to the layman the fact that maltodextrin is technically a complex carbohydrate can be confusing.  Complex carbs […]

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vince gironda

Classic Vince Gironda

Vince Gironda is one of my all time favourites. A real classic. Some times his workout prescriptions are hard to decode but fun to try. And despite all his intricate training programs and equipment Vince maintained bodybuilding was 85% nutrition. Here the Iron Guru explains how to do bicep curls properly. Despite the video quality […]

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Leucine Peptides

Leucine Peptide Pre-Workout Protein Powder Back in Stock!

Leucine Peptide protein powder is back in stock! And in my opinion, this is probably the most advanced pre-workout (or peri-workout, if you like) protein powder available today. Using  patented fractionation and separation processes leucine peptides are first isolated from fresh sweet whey. Then using a unique processing technology additional leucine is bound to these leucine peptides […]

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High Protein

Do Low Carb Diets Work Because They Are High Protein?

In a recent article, at Precision Nutrion, Brian St. Pierre, tells us why low-carb diets have got it all wrong. Bottom line is they don’t work for most people and the side effects aren’t that great. Decreased testosterone (for men) Disruption of hormonal balance (for women) Raised cortisol levels Impaired mood and cognitive function. And […]

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Pea Protein Concentrate

Pea Protein Concentrate – On Sale

We have been able to reduce the price of our Pea Protein Concentrate by 13%. 1kg was $30.95 per kg. Now only $26.95! Also great bulk discounts. 4kg was $28.95 per kg. Now only $22.95! 10kg was $25.95. Now only $18.95!

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Barbarella vs Conan the Barbarian

In the red corner, we have actress and 80s fitness icon, Jane Fonda, stepping out for the Fitness First chain of gyms. In the blue corner, we have actor and 80s fitness icon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, stepping out for Bud Light beer. For what’s sure to be a juicy 2014 Super Bowl ad. And although Arnold is […]

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4 Good Sources of Protein

Protein Powder is Good for You!

Over at Creative Live, Jonathan Bailor is doing a 2 day work shop called ‘ Eat More, Exercise Less and Lose Weight’. What if you don’t want to exercise less or lose weight, but you do want to eat more? That’s a different story. So I was running Jonathan’s workshop in the background while I […]

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Bodybuilding: Good vs Great!

Hot off the Press!  People only need to push, pull or lift their own bodyweight according to fitness experts to get a great body (Reuters). Really? Brett Contreras, author of  “Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy,” a guide to bodyweight-only workouts, says that using only bodyweight exercises anyone can get a physique as good as with using weights . […]

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Biotest SuperFood on Sale Now!

Biotest Superfood is on sale now. Price for 1 tub (28 serves) reduced from $75.00 to $59.95. Buy two or more and only pay $54.95 each and get FREE shipping. The great thing about Superfood is that it ONLY contains highly potent extracts of berries, fruits and vegetables. Seven berries like wild blueberry, acai berry […]

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Massive Under Eating of Protein?

Am I hearing that right? Kelly Starrett is interviewing Andre Quin head of Sports Science for the Harlequins Rugby Team  in the UK. Discussing macronutrient intake for developing rugby players Quin said that the thing you see at the start is massive under eating of protein. And guys who are too small don’t eat enough, guys […]

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