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Healthy Dinner Recipes for Recovery Days

Rest day food is low-carb, high in protein. You’re trying to repair your aching muscles (and thereby grow them stronger), and refill your carbohydrate stores rather than stock up more to burn off immediately. The prime time to recover this carb deficiency is immediately after training (the optimum period is an hour), so you’ll need […]

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A 10 Minute Workout for Busy Mornings

The luxury of a trip to the gym or an hour-long run in the morning isn’t something that everybody can afford – or has the time for. After all, some of us have to get up before dawn or drive long distances to work. Abridging your workout routine allows you to get that morning kick […]

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Match Your Workouts to Your Body Type

Everyone has a different natural build that responds to exercise and diet in different ways. Endomorphs, or people with a stockier build, often respond well to lifting while ectomorphs – or those with a leaner build – make great long-distance runners. Those with a naturally athletic build, or mesomorphs, are lucky enough to do basically […]

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The 10 Worst Nutrition Mistakes Before and After a Workout

As powerful as a good workout is, it means nothing without the proper nutrition. What we eat plays a massive part in our health and fitness goals, with timing, amounts, food combinations, and choices either amplifying or detracting from our efforts in the gym. A healthy eating plan is an essential part of staying fit, […]

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10 Nutrition Facts You Should Know

It’s been a big year for ‘superfoods’, ‘organic’, ‘fermented’ and other health buzzwords, and 2016 looks is sure to be even bigger. The world is waking up to the importance of healthy eating, but for all the increased knowledge we have, there are still hundreds of nutrition facts that lie in the dark. Here, we […]

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7 Tips to Boost Your Shoulder Growth

Ahh the shoulder pump, one of life’s little joys. There are few things in life more satisfying than the floating sensation you get after a great shoulder workout. What’s more, unlike that killer leg workout, you don’t have to walk on your shoulders later – they just float on top of your body and you […]

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Understanding Lactose Intolerance

What is Lactose Intolerance? Firstly, lactose intolerance is not an allergy and the symptoms are not the result of an immune response. Lactose intolerance occurs when the lactase enzyme is missing from the small intestine. Lactase is used to break down lactose into simple sugars, glucose and galactose, which are easily digested. When lactase is […]

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steak and potato

Protein Digestion and Metabolism (Part 2)

After your protein powder shake or protein meal has digested and passed through the walls of the small intestine (as described in Protein Digestion and Metabolism Part 1) almost all of it ends up in the liver. The liver then processes most of these amino acids and peptides, with about 20% (mainly BCAAs) moved on […]

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protein digestion

Protein Digestion and Metabolism (Part 1)

Part 1 – Protein Digestion & Absorption Digestion Digestion of the protein we eat starts in the stomach. It ultimately involves breaking the protein into small peptides (short chains of amino acids) and individual amino acids (also know as free form amino acids) that can be absorbed through the small intestine. Gastric juice, which is […]

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Protein powder has a 'best before' date.

Is Expired Protein Powder Safe to Use?

  Occasionally, I get a call from someone who has just found a bag of protein powder in their cupboard that is past its best before date. What should they do? Is it still okay to use? Short answer is: probably. Use By and Best Before Dates Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) requires that […]

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protein sources

Protein Powder Quality

Protein, and protein powder, quality can be classified using a number of different methods. The main issues are how much of the protein is broken down and enters the blood stream (digestibility) and once the protein peptides enter the body how much of this can used to build proteins in the body including the repair […]

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Big Mac

Fast Food for Post Workout Recovery! Really?

When two people (thanks, Troy and James) send you links to two different articles claiming that fast food is just as good as supplements for post workout recovery you’ve got to sit up and take a look. In “Post-exercise Glycogen Recovery and Exercise Performance is Not Significantly Different Between Fast Food and Sport Supplements” by […]

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whole grains

Paleo and Whole Grains

After dealing with the paleo diet and dairy last week I was about to get started on another Paleo no-no, whole grains, when an email from arrived in my inbox. Brian St. Pierre, it turns out, has settled the Great Grain Debate before I could even get started so rather than re-inventing the wheel here are the […]

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neolithic dairy farmer

Paleo and Whey Protein Powder

The Paleo Diet is based on what proponents believe our ancestors were eating from 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago, a period known as the Paleolithic Period or Stone Age. Stone Age humans consumed a hunter gatherer diet that was seasonal, climatic and geographical.   They were opportunistic eaters and scavengers who consumed whatever was […]

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What is Protein?

Protein consists of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen molecules arranged in specific ways. Nitrogen as part of what in known as an ‘amino group’ distinguishes protein from carbohydrates and fats. Amino Acids The smallest unit of protein is an amino acid. These consist of four different but distinct molecular groups: an amino group a carboxly […]

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5 Reasons to Take Creatine Monohydrate

1. Increase Your Power Output Study after study has shown that supplementing with creatine monohydrate causes a significant increase in power output and in strength. This not only applies to weight lifters but to all other sports were strength and power output are important. However, it does not appear to improve running or swimming performance. 2. Increase […]

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Post-Workout, Pre-Workout: Explained (Part 3)

In Parts 1 and 2 we established that a drink containing fast digesting protein powder and carbohydrates around workout time can kick start the muscle building process and be an aid in recovery. Counter intuitively, this type of drink can also help if your goal is fat loss. The base drink should contain 20 to […]

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the Flash

Post-Workout, Pre-Workout: Explained (Part 2)

  In Part 1 I discussed the general principles of nutrition around workout time (peri-workout nutrition) based on a simple protein and carbohydrate (P & C) drink. Here, in Part 2, we’ll get into more detail regarding the protein and carbs. Fast and Slow Protein When we talk about the speed of a protein powder […]

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MyoPure Ambassador JN

Post-Workout, Pre-Workout: Explained (Part 1)

The buzz started quite a few years ago, that a post workout drink might have a positive effect on performance, muscle gain and fat loss. Then new research found that pre-workout might be even better. What we know now is that the right combination of amino acids, fast acting proteins and/or carbohydrates can have a positive […]

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devil cupcake

Are Carbs Evil? The Devil is in the Detail!

  Carbs have been demonised in recent years and there is, perhaps, some justification for this. But whenever you eat a carbohydrate, any carbohydrate, exactly the same thing happens: it all ends up broken down as some combination of glucose, fructose or galactose (for those of you lucky enough to have plenty of the enzyme […]

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