New Zealand Colostrum Powder in Stock Now!

nz-colostrum-smallMyoPure’s New Zealand Colostrum powder is in stock now.

MyoPure’s Colostrum IgG40 has been on our shelves for over 10 years. Unfortunately it is now out of production in Australia and we’ve sold the last of our stock.

Fortunately we’ve managed to source an excellent replacement at only 40% of the cost of the IgG40 colostrum.

This is an excellent supplement to boost immunity, improve gut health and athletic performance.

Bovine colostrum supplementation and exercise performance: potential mechanisms.

Bovine colostrum (BC) is rich in immune, growth and antimicrobial factors, which promote tissue growth and the development of the digestive tract and immune function in neonatal calves. Although the value of BC to human adults is not well understood, supplementation with BC is becoming increasingly popular in trained athletes to promote exercise performance. Pub Med

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