Leucine Peptide Pre-Workout Protein Powder Back in Stock!

Leucine PeptidesLeucine Peptide protein powder is back in stock!

And in my opinion, this is probably the most advanced pre-workout (or peri-workout, if you like) protein powder available today.

Using  patented fractionation and separation processes leucine peptides are first isolated from fresh sweet whey. Then using a unique processing technology additional leucine is bound to these leucine peptides producing a hydrolysed whey protein powder with over 40% leucine content.  This process greatly enhances the bioavailability of the leucine.

Combine Leucine Peptides with some simple carbohydrates like Dextrose and Maltodextrin and you have a potent pre-workout or peri-workout formula.

At present I like to make up two drinks with 20-25g of Leucine Peptides, 3g of Creapure Creatine, 20-25g of Dextrose and 20-25g of Maltodextrin in about 800ml of water. I also add a scoop of electrolyte powder to each drink and from time to time might add Beta-Alanine.  This all mixes really easily in a shaker bottle.

Then I drink the first shake about 20 mins before training and sip on the second shake during my workout.

If I’m really keen I’ll then have a 1000 calorie shake after training but that’s another story.

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