5 Reasons to Take Creatine Monohydrate

1. Increase Your Power Output

Study after study has shown that supplementing with creatine monohydrate causes a significant increase in power output and in strength. This not only applies to weight lifters but to all other sports were strength and power output are important. However, it does not appear to improve running or swimming performance.

2. Increase Your Bodyweightbody builder

Creatine will increase your bodyweight. There does appear to be an inherent muscle building property related to supplementing with creatine but this has been confounded in many studies by water weight gains. Creatine significantly improves hydration by increasing the water weight of muscle tissue.

3. Protects Your Brain

brainCreatine may have a positive impact on your brain. It appears to help with depression, has a positive impact on adolescents who’ve suffered traumatic brain injury and it improves alertness after sleep deprivation.

Based on the traumatic brain injury research some researchers, like Dr. Richard Kreider, have suggested that all athletes in contacts sports have good reason to take creatine as it may improve outcomes after suffering concussion.

Creatine has also been found to improve cognitive functions (intelligence) in vegetarians and the elderly but not in young adults

4. Increase Hormone Levels

DHT Molecule

DHT molecule

Creatine does appear to impact anabolic hormones in a positive manner.  One study showed that although creatine supplementation didn’t increase serum levels of testosterone, levels of the more bioactive androgen, dihydrotestosterone, increased by 40%.

There is also some evidence that it can spike growth hormone at rest and, interestingly, may decrease circulating myostatin. Although not a hormone, myostatin regulates muscle growth and  less myostatin generally leads to more muscle.

5. Safe and Inexpensive

Creatine monohydrates safety has been studied extensively and any side effects, apart from increased weight, are related to inappropriate use, ie. taking too much at once or with too little water.

Daily supplementation of 3-5g is all that’s needed. Creatine can also be loaded by taking 5g 4 to 5 times a day for about 5 days.


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