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Health Labs protein snacks

New Protein Snacks – Protein Balls & Protein Smoothies

Now available from MyoPure – Health Labs Protein Balls in chocolate, peanut butter and coconut! Buy 1, a canister of 5 or a box of 12. Also 250ml Protein Smoothies in chocolate and coffee. 100% natural and delicious snacks “on the go”. High in protein and low in carbs. Grab yours now! \

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Santa 2016

Holiday Trading Hours 2016-17

At MyoPure it will be business as usual over  the Xmas and New Year holiday period. We will be shipping by Australia Post and Sydney Courier up until New Years Eve on Friday, December 23rd. You can also order online and pick up your order from Petersham, NSW 2049. Tuesday 27th Dec is a public holiday […]

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monkey hot bath

Weight Loss Plateau, Dairy and a Hot Bath!

Joel Feren Defends Dairy Till the Cows Come Home   Five take aways from accredited dietitian Joel Feren. Dairy is does not create an acidic environment in the body and leach calcium from the bones (take that Pete Evans!) Dairy is a nutritional power house rich in vitamins and minerals Dairy is good for healthy […]

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Ians calves

The Forgotten Body Parts Series – Calves

The calf; those diamond shaped muscles that pop out from the heel of your foot right up to the back of your knee. If you have them you are very lucky, they are a genetic gift from the GODS!  Zeus! Hades! Odin!  Whoever! When you train them right they hurt like bloody hell. I know, […]

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fat man eating protein

Protein – Is Plant Better than Animal?

An article in the The Juice Daily proclaims ‘Plant Protein Is Better For You Than Meat Protein, New Study Finds’. Yikes, this sounds ominous, do we really need to to give up steak, chicken and fish to live longer? Turns out not. Half way through the article is the caveat that this only applies to those […]

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Ian Hales

The Forgotten Body Parts Series – Rear Delts

My forgotten body part series will cover those muscles that you don’t see flexed on Instagram or talked about on Facebook. One of the most overlooked muscles is the posterior deltoid, the red headed step child of shoulder training. Now any of you who have read anything that I (Ian Hales!) have whittled on about before […]

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Killer Rabbit

The Facts About Protein or Are They?

In a recent blog post at Juice Daily I found some interesting claims about high protein diets.   Protein can Cause Your Kidneys to Explode!   The kidney’s blood vessels are very small so they can easily get damaged by the size of proteins passing through,” says McGrice. Additionally, McGrice says studies shown that long-term high protein […]

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Yani Burmeister

Yani Burmeister, Master Coach, Interview

  Yani Burmeister went from a scrawny 70kg kid with a bad back to a lean 90kg gym owner and master coach. With his brother Rad he now owns and runs the high end Unity Gym in North Sydney.     Dr J: What made you decide you wanted to change your physique? What did […]

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Ian Hales

Ian Hales, MyoPure Ambassador, Interview

Ian Hales, MyoPure Ambassador, wrote a blog for us called The Life of Iron at (myopure started there before moving out on its own) from 2002 till 2006. Ian would often drop by and we’d chat and gossip about bodybuilding and training. Then Ian and his lovely wife moved out of Sydney to buy a […]

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beef jerky protein snack


Get Two (2) packs free for every 10 packs you buy. That’s close to a 20% discount! Offer lasts until our current stock sells out. Buy some now.  

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Healthy Dinner Recipes for Recovery Days

Rest day food is low-carb, high in protein. You’re trying to repair your aching muscles (and thereby grow them stronger), and refill your carbohydrate stores rather than stock up more to burn off immediately. The prime time to recover this carb deficiency is immediately after training (the optimum period is an hour), so you’ll need […]

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A 10 Minute Workout for Busy Mornings

The luxury of a trip to the gym or an hour-long run in the morning isn’t something that everybody can afford – or has the time for. After all, some of us have to get up before dawn or drive long distances to work. Abridging your workout routine allows you to get that morning kick […]

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Match Your Workouts to Your Body Type

Everyone has a different natural build that responds to exercise and diet in different ways. Endomorphs, or people with a stockier build, often respond well to lifting while ectomorphs – or those with a leaner build – make great long-distance runners. Those with a naturally athletic build, or mesomorphs, are lucky enough to do basically […]

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The 10 Worst Nutrition Mistakes Before and After a Workout

As powerful as a good workout is, it means nothing without the proper nutrition. What we eat plays a massive part in our health and fitness goals, with timing, amounts, food combinations, and choices either amplifying or detracting from our efforts in the gym. A healthy eating plan is an essential part of staying fit, […]

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Christmas 2016

Holiday Trading Hours

Update 31 December 2015:  All orders will ship as normal on 4th January 2016. Happy New Year!   It’s pretty much business as usual for MyoPure over the Xmas and New Year holiday period. We will only be closed on public holidays and on the Australia Post picnic day (28th December 2015). We will be […]

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10 Nutrition Facts You Should Know

It’s been a big year for ‘superfoods’, ‘organic’, ‘fermented’ and other health buzzwords, and 2016 looks is sure to be even bigger. The world is waking up to the importance of healthy eating, but for all the increased knowledge we have, there are still hundreds of nutrition facts that lie in the dark. Here, we […]

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7 Tips to Boost Your Shoulder Growth

Ahh the shoulder pump, one of life’s little joys. There are few things in life more satisfying than the floating sensation you get after a great shoulder workout. What’s more, unlike that killer leg workout, you don’t have to walk on your shoulders later – they just float on top of your body and you […]

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schiek lever power belt

Schiek Lever Power Belt – NEW IN STOCK

We have a small number of Schiek Lever Power belts (L7010) in stock: One small, two mediums and one large. These beautifully made black suede power belts are 9.5cm wide and 8mm thick. You adjust the size by adjusting the lever placement through two philips head screws. Once you have set this up you can […]

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