Beta Alanine FAQ

Is Beta-Alanine safe?

In studies lasting up to 12 weeks no negative changes in a large array of blood biochemical, hematological and hormonal markers have been found. Until further studies are done it may be wise to take a break from beta-alanine supplementation every 3 months.

Why Not Take Carnosine instead of Beta-Alanine?

Because oral carnosine supplementation is ineffective at increasing intracellular carnosine levels. Beta-alanine is a far more effective way to boost intracellular carnosine levels.

Shouldn’t I Take Extra Histidine?

Although both histidine and beta-alanine combine to form carnosine intracellular levels of histidine are already high. Increasing beta-alanine is all that’s needed to increase the intracellular levels of carnosine.

How Much Beta-Alanine is Needed?

It appears that between 3.2 grams and 6.4 grams per day is all that’s needed to significantly boost carnosine levels and improve performance. So 4 grams per day seems a reasonable amount to take.

How Long Before I Notice the Effects?

Some people may notice intense pumps Beta-Alanine immediately because carnosine is a powerful precursor in generating nitric oxide synthase which is necessary for making the powerful vasodilator nitric oxide. Most people will also experience a harmless flushing or tingling of the skin.

Performance benefits should be noticable after about 4 weeks. Some people may notice it sooner.

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